We support
Polish leaders going global

We finance
international expansion

We empower
businesses to scale up

AVIA Capital is Poland’s first growth fund, supporting Polish entrepreneurs’ international expansion. We invest in small and medium-sized firms with ambitions to scale up. Our competitive advantage lies in our many years of experience and the support from renowned financial institutions

Who we support:

  • Polish companies that are operating in fast-growing sectors or are expanding exports
  • Entrepreneurs looking to finance their investment plans: increasing capacity, product development, takeovers
  • Owners who want to build their company’s value ahead of a potential sale
  • Managers who are seeking equity involvement in a business
  • Shareholders who want to streamline or simplify ownership structures

Our Team

Our strength lies in our team’s knowledge, skills, business network and decades of experience in investment and management


We are recommended by authorities in business and investment

“AVIA seeks to be a partner for company owners and managers. Their ambition is to support Polish companies in creating growth strategies, implementing innovative solutions and best practices. The fund instills in managers a passion and motivation to achieve success, as well as discipline in executing strategy.”

Prof. Krzysztof Obłój

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